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Direct 4x4 Salvage Ltd - Edward Fear - - - dodgy scammer car breaker

This little tirade is against a lying thieving cheat known as Edward Fear, along with his father Michael Fear.

Edward, with his father,  run a scrapyard (or two) and a number of on-line car breaker sites. They think it is fun to lie and cheat people out of their hard earned money. They are nothing short of crooks. If they would like to sue me for libel then do please go ahead.

This is the company. Beware of them. You may be OK if you call at the door, but don't deal with them on line.

Edward Fear
Direct 4x4 Salvage Ltd (amongst others)
Unit 10, New Dunn Business Park, Sling, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 8JD
01594 811041

This is what happened. And what is going to happen.

Having failed to get a second hand wing for my bashed Terrano elsewhere, my wife decided that she would try to find one as I was on a trip to the UK and was rushed for time.

She went on line and decided to try a few sites. I did warn her that there were a lot of sharks out there and to be careful. In the first instance there are the high rate calls, let alone anything else.

Anyway, suffice to say she found what she thought was a deal and paid the money on Monday. She wanted to pay on a card, but surprise, the machine 'was broken'. So she transferred the money.

Said item was supposed arrive latest by Thursday. We forgot to get a tracking number for it so Friday I got hold of the company and after a day of promises of getting back to us, we were finally given a number late in the afternoon. Except it was a made up number, the couriers said there was no account, they never collected anything etc etc etc.

When I then phoned again, surprisingly the weasel of a boss had 'gone home' for the night. From the looks of his photo, it was probably to get his nappy changed. But I digress..... The following calls to his staff met with a pack of denials and lies.

I then spent a little bit of time researching this lot properly, which I should have done before, and they are obviously fairly well known in their area as a bunch of small time scammers.

So, a couple of points. (I'm sure I don't need to point this out, but for the benefit of those who haven't been down this path before.....)

Always check people out properly. There is a big market for second hand parts, and lots of scope for scammers. Beware 'aggregator' or 'search'/'directory' sites that just list more search sites, or put you in contact via a premium rate number. Check, and double check. With the internet it is easy to make yourself look very good.

Don't transfer cash - use another payment method so you can get some leverage to get your money back

So anyway, I shall write them one letter to officially ask for my money back, which I know will not be answered, and then I shall report them to Trading Standards, the Police, and then take them to court. I will also try and get his web sites taken down - ISPs and web hosts often don't like to think they are supporting dodgy companies.

We have spoken to the website through which we made the original enquiry and they have advised that they will refund us the money themselves. I don't want to publicise their name at this point - contact me for details - as I don't want to publicise a company who have crooks on their site.

Here are some details on the company and notes on small claims court etc. It might not be much money, but I'm damned it's not staying in his pocket. It's how they get away with it because for most it is too much trouble to pursue it. They know that, and play on it.

If anyone else has any experience of him them then please let me know. Though I may wish to see their cars crushed with them inside it, this is obviously not very PC.

It would also give me great pleasure to hack all their websites and make them look like the thieving bastards that they really are. But that would be illegal.

So revenge is a dish best served cold. I have a long memory and a spitefully vindictive nature, and there is more than one way to get even.

So I'm up to help anyone else who would like to metaphorically stick a knife in him. If this helps anyone else avoid them, then it will make my day.

Edward Fear and Michael Fear
Direct 4x4 Salvage Ltd (and possibly other companies)
Unit 10, New Dunn Business Park, Sling, Coleford, Gloucestershire, GL16 8JD
01594 811041

Love social networking, sometimes... cocky little sod, but stupid enough to leave his pictures up and his profile open.............. nor for long though................. feel free to add your comments and let his friends know what a toe rag he really is, though I guess most of them already know.

Please note I have slightly changed the following URLs as they really don't need more traffic than can be helped. dot uk dot uk

He has registered dot uk but there is no website there currently. There are probably a lot more - they are quite prolific with their websites.

I believe they has a number of ebay accounts which they rotate around. It's easy enough to get yourself a decent rating quite quickly.

A few choice posts:

Quite clearly Messrs Fear are serial criminals and need to be dealt with accordingly.

Small claims

Costs :

PS. And I still haven't got a bloody wing !!!!!!!!!!!!

PPS - I note some pretty angry people below - sorry but I can't reply as my template is screwed and I can't 'get' to them to answer.

PLEASE be wary about leaving email addresses in the open - they will be spammed to death.

This guy is a first class bastard, and much as I may want him taken behind a shed and beaten to a pulp, he needs jailing.

But regrettably the ONLY way to deal with him is the legal one.

 You HAVE to have evidence and you HAVE to take him to court. He is SMART - he sends just enough to play innocent, rather than nothing at all.

I may try a couple of small things to help - I'll post if I can do anything.

PPPS : Lots of personal details here.

Also I know have two more blogs running.

If anyone has some text they would like put in there to help get the pages up the rankings then let me know :-)

I also just found this which I reckon is theirs as well :

From his facebook page he seems to be into motocross or enduro I guess. Good luck racing Edward. Break a neck. Hopefully.

2017-02 Update

This looks like the same mob:

Same address. Bet the surname is false.

Everything Land Rover Ltd
Edward Barrington
Unit 10a New Dunn business park
United Kingdom


Company registration number: 09681002


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Marcus, sorry you removed the comment. These boys need a good kicking.

    1. Just been ripped of by then on the eBay send the money for the defender doors, bank transfer , £996 now he is saying that the money didn't got to he's account ,now he has made complaint on the eBay for not paying for the doors .this is joke this is been going for years nothing been done about it ,been able to rip the hard working person .
      Edward Fear Michael fear
      Fraudsters liers

    2. Sorry to hear about yet another victim.

      If you paid by bank transfer you will have a statement you can show as evidence ? You MUST make a formal complaint to Trading Standards.

      Also, can you post what trading name they have on ebay please ?

  3. Very interesting!!!...just trying to get refund for engine that proberbly never was!!!!....every excuse in the book to date....

    1. Hello Dawn

      I am also trying to get a refund for a wrongly supplied engine. We went to their depot and collected our engine, but they supplied the wrong one. They offerd another but this one was also wrong. So fed up now and trying to get a refund. We are going to visit them next week and confront them. If this fails its trading standards and police. But it looks like several other people are trying this. Would be interesring to see how far others have got with getting their money back. We need enough of us to create a campaign against these people. I thought we were the only ones affected untill i read this. . I had left it to my husband to slurce an engine and he did not do any research prior to parting with money. Stupid mistake we now realise. But they will not get away with it.

  4. Well done Marcus! We were ripped off and it took me ages to get all my money back but I did. Since then I have added to as many posts as possible but some of these names are new so they need passing around. I will try to do so from my end. I also have Edward's home address (if he has not moved) and will pass that on to anyone who needs it and gives me a direct contact phone number or personal email. Keep up the fight!

    1. Hi can I have his address jus screwed me out of 3k with a mileage clocked van email

    2. Hi can you forward me the address please for my friend
      +44 7999 366920

  5. guys

    please contact me a as to this FEAR bullshters or just email me tel nr and I will call you

    now he is doing the same with us in Southern Africa

  6. To all Concerned

    Re: Edward Fear, Love Landy and Direct 4X4 Salvage

    I am reinstating damaged 2008 Puma Defender. I ordered and paid Edward Fear, Love Landy and Direct 4X4 Salvage fully and in advance for the following parts
    SVX Parts
    1 SVX roll cage
    2 SVX canvas top
    3 SVX alloys
    Other Puma Parts
    4 Both front doors
    5 Bonnet
    6 1/2 Tail Gate
    7 Side Panel
    8 Windscreen

    I requested and Edward Fear agreed to palletise and package fragile aluminium parts well for sea freight

    All up parts cost that I paid to Edward Fear 3,260 pounds (plus it cost me sea freight and tax approximately NZ$2,000).

    I received the following in the shipment from Edward Fear

    1 No SVX parts at all were in the shipment

    2 There was no palletising or package whatsoever from Edward Fear consequently the Puma parts were badly smashed up and damaged

    3 Edward Fear sent me photographs of late model Puma parts in good order and after I agreed and paid for those parts he swapped the parts and sent me much older and damaged parts.

    Once I received the shipment I repeatedly phoned Edward Fear many times to be; cut off, be put on hold for long periods and be told "Edward is not in at the moment". When I finally did speak with Edward he advised me that his insurance would cover the freight damaged parts and he would come back to me on this and Edward Fear advised me that he would also look into why none of the SVX roll cage, SVX canvas top and SVX alloy parts were in the shipment. Edward Fear has not replied to me regarding the insurance and reason why no SVX parts as he said he would 8 weeks ago. I have sent Edward Fear 22 e mails over the last 8 weeks since I received the shipment of parts and I have not had one single reply from Edward Fear to date.

    I engaged an independent Land Rover engineer here in New Zealand to review the e mails between myself and Edward Fear leading up to purchase, to sight the parts that I received from Edward Fear and contact Edward Fear on my behalf and provide me with a written report. Edward Fear did not wish to communicate with the engineer.

    I do not wish to see anyone loss the amount of money I have - so the engineer's report is available to anyone it can help, simply e mail me and I will forward it to you.

    The engineer confirmed that none of the parts that I received are suitable for the 2008 Puma that I am reinstating.

    I have requested that Edward Fear refund my money and take possession of the parts. I have not received a response from Edward Fear to this

    If I continue to get no response from Edward Fear I have no option now but to commence selling the parts here on E Bay / Trademe. I expect I will get approximately NZ$2000 in total from all parts received (which likely not cover the freight and tax cost). So my financial loss will be the total invoice that I paid to Edward Fear of 3,260 pounds

    If anyone can help me with suggestions of other avenues I or we can pursue to stop Edward Fear continuing to trade with people as he traded with me please advise as your advice will be well received and most helpful

    Sean O'Sullivan
    +64 27 2284211
    New Zealand

  7. I have been ripped off by this scammer. I have quite a lot of information available and I am going to take action starting with a police complaint at Coleford Police Station. The more of you that want to get involved, the better. Lets teach this thief a lesson!

  8. I have set a couple of other pages :

    1. Reet, how do I get in touch with you pleaae? Dave

  9. I to have been ripped off for £11, 500 he sold me a jeep said the log book and new mot were to follow when infact the jeep was a cat d it failed the mot he has not forwarded any documents he seemed lovely I fell for it any help from other people that have also been ripped off would be great I am taking them to court thank you

    1. Hi there the exact same happened to me with a defender, paid £11700 with the V5 to follow and HPI checked it when it didn't come to find it was a category D. Has justice been served? Thanks Harry

    2. Jack, I transport cars for these criminals from Salvage sites, they now owe me a lot of money and won't pay, but I have their car still. Tried all the tricks in the book not to pay. Then got nasty and said they were coming to see me 200 miles north. They still haven't turned up but have made offers of payment. Absolute crooks. How can I get contacts for people on this site?

  10. I've not lost as much as most people seem to have though he does owe me £300 for an air suspension pump I sent back to him for a refund! Does anyone know where they are now so I can call by & confront them?
    Thanks James

  11. Blimey - he's still at it. Someone needs to jail him.

    First thing is to report him to the police and trading standards. I think his details are as above but my guess is that if you have a bit of a hunt around you will find his details plastered on various websites.

    He also has a Facebook account..... and probably dummy ones for his scam companies - they all need reporting.

    Everyone ought to also put in a small claim or possibly with Mr Bartlett above in a group action against him.

    I am not sure of the best way of people communicating - possibly a FB page yourselves ?

    If not I might me able to set something up - please ask here.

  12. Ah, a little bit of GOOD news :

    But the fine is paltry and he should be in jail. I bet he is at it again in no time.

  13. And another report :

  14. oh god..its not just me currently about to start suieng him for £1000, van i bought blew up on way home, only given a part refund and I hd to pay £400 to get it taken back to him from cornwall!!!!! been hung up on, told that edward fear is not the same edward who dealt with me??, shouted at by some wailing banshee in the office when i complained (reduced me to tears of frustration) and then told that unless i accepted the part refund instead of full, that they would cancel the cheque..blackmail??? i hate them soooo much...has anyone else taken them to court and won??? really hope so as id saved the money to buy that van for ages and means i could only afford to buy a little old car after this, vanless now. robbing b£$%ards!!!!!!! thx miss jackson : )

    1. Sorry to hear your news.

      I'd sue them and report the again to trading Standards. He and his dad really need throwing in jail for a very long time. They are vultures.

      See the links above for the case against them by trading standards.

      Small claims are not expensive and at least you can make the bastards pay.

      Good luck and keep people posted here

    2. We have a High Court Judgement against these two but the Sheriffs have been unable to collect. They say that they are no at Units 9 - 10 New Dunnworks Business Centre, Coleford any longer. Does anyone know where they are?

    3. They are on the same industrial estate, but have moved units. I wondered why they were so cagy about keeping the doors locked on the units when I was delivering to them. Delivering cat C and D salvage cars that I can't get paid for.

  15. Hi. In reply to the above comments, I am also interested in montoring where the Fears are doing their business dealings - not due to any transaction I have had with them but a private matter. I won't elaborate but suffice to say they have dodged their legal responsibilities in their private lives as well as their business activities, as you would expect. Anyway, having done a bit of digging this morning, it would appear that Forest 4x4 Direct Ltd is the newly reincarnated business of theirs, as shown by the Company Director being listed as Mr. E.S. Fear here:

    I found their telephone number online, listed as 01594 811041, and gave it a call just 5 minutes ago. The voice on the end of the phone (which I think was Edward Fear - I've only spoken to him on the phone a couple of times, and that was over 3 years ago, but the voice certainly felt familiar), confirmed that the business was indeed Forest 4x4 Direct, and that they were in fact still at the trading estate (New Dunn Business Park) in Sling, Coleford. Hope that helps! Send the sheriffs back down there I say!

    1. Nice one.

      Hopefully others can make use of this information to nail these nasty pieces of work.

      They need throwing in jail for a long time.

    2. Went by the trading estate as well as we live near it - Direct 4x4 is still there!

  16. You might like to note this name as well :

    I also think they run a raft of companies from somewhere there if you start to look - try Twistedgear, Twistedpig, and what about Freeward Films, Freeward productions and Freeward Music ?

    I am sure they probably have more but I don't have an account to search further.

    These are serious, and serial, criminals and I don't see any way they will ever reform their habits.

  17. What a f**king joke they are still ripping people off on ebay under car-shac. They had a land rover defender breaking for spares and my brother wanted the utility sides off it so he sent a message via eBay and they told him to ring them. They side that they would email an invoice over to his email address and to send a cheque. The invoice came from direct 4x4 but cheque to be made payable to Forest 4x4 Direct Ltd. I sent a cheque on the 5th March 2015. My brother had to chase them up for about 2 weeks before they delivered them but they were the wrong 1. He rang them and they said that they will get it sorted. I rang to see what was going on it took me all day to talk to the manager has he was either out or busy. But I found out that Edward was the manager. I spoken to someone that said the manager had gone home he was swearing at me and very rude. Then they emailed my brother the next day and said that I can not contact them again because I was very rude and was swearing at them what a joke.
    My brother has been fobbed off for the past couple of months. He rang trading standards and they said to write to them under the sale of goods act. So we did and they have only just contacted him today to say that if he sends the sides back they will send the correct ones out, my brother asked them if they will definitely send the right ones out but had no reply. How can anyone trust them to send anything else out.
    How can they still trade after ripping people off?
    They need stopping and shutting down.
    Can anyone give me advice on what to do.
    I am looking into taking them to court.

    Thanks Marie

    1. Sorry but can't write much as away from home til next week.

      You have to be patient and jump thru the right hoops and not let your anger get the better of you.

      Make sure you record EVERY detail. You need to build your case.

      Try and keep watch on ebay as they prorbably have several accounts. They are in contravention of ebay policy by dealing outside of ebay, but thats how they avoid ebay issues.

      Get all your evidence, the more the better.

      Write officially saying what you expect them to do with a reasonable date and the fact you are protected under the S.o.G Act.

      Inform them unless they comply you will be reporting them and taking them to court.

      Dont bother phoning, or if you do then follow it all up in black and white Noting what was said on the phone (even better if you can record the calls)

      Small clains

      Dont let it put you off. Alternatively a ketter from a solicitor may be worth a go.

      You also need to try abd make a formal complaint to TSA abd copy it all to their local council and your MP.

      Will try and write more when back in a week or so.

      B. Rgds

  18. Dave Dunasa,

    sorry - as I have so many blockers on it is hard to reply on my own blog.

    Keep the car. The spineless shit won't travel to see you.

    Keep a paper trail of what you are owed. Report them to the Trading Standards, and put in a small claim against them. If more did then they would finder it much harder to trade. Regrettably eBay are useless when it comes to complaints and false descriptions, and they know that.

    I'm afraid it isn't easy to contact people on this site. It isn't a good thing to leave your details in public even though some have.

    You can get me at my junk junk account ()not checked very often)

    reetspetit at those bastards at hotmail dot com

    Put a subject of Edward Fear 34x4 thieving scammer n the subject so I know ;-)

    I can't get any more details of posters here than you can see already I am afraid but if people want to mail me to keep their details on private record I am happy to do so.

  19. Edward fear has been charged with 6 counts of handling stolen vehicles, with a further 6 to follow...he was in Cheltenham court looking at a long prison sentence.....for all you people who have been conned....justice has been severed....he is also under investigation from trading standards for a host of other charges....

  20. Hallelujah. Thank you for the best news I have seen in ages !

    Hope the bastard gets everything he deserves. What a low life scumbag.

    He's even made the BBC:

    I hope his good for nothing father and their secretary get convicted as well.

    Please let us know if you here any more.

  21. The stolen total is up to 21, him and is father are involved, the police think maybe 8 years at present for ed, the father was in court the other week for vat fraud, this case is on going...

  22. Please post back any further details.

    Suggest anyone reading thus contact the police with their story.

    B. Rgds

  23. Edward fear, now Edward barrington has been charged with 46 counts of stolen vehicles, the police are still investigating and the number will rise.its carries a max sentence of 14 years.....could be 12 months before it goes to court because of the size of the police investigation

    1. Thanks for the update.

      Name change? Interesting.

      Sad for all the people who have lost money, but at least I hope some justice will be served.

      Please keep the updates coming.

  24. Some interesting stuff here about making complaints

    I ought to go login to some sites to spread the word but am tied up on business trips etc for the next two weeks.