Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Thunderbird uses an invalid security certificate

I started getting this error a while back and have several times looked for a solution without success.

Secure connection failed uses an invalid security certificate.

Now, in the first instance this shouldn't really occur. Whose fault it is I don't know. But they need a kick up the arse.

I have just ignored it and carried on regardless as it hasn't affected me other than being annoying.

But I worked out a very simple fix.

This is in Thunderbird 17 under Linux but guess it will work equally well on other versions.

Edit - Preferences - Advanced - Certificates

Click View Certificates

Then select the Servers tab

Now Add Exceptions and type in

Click Get Certificate, View it if it means anything to you, and then Confirm Security Exception.

Job done and no more warnings - I guess it is because of a naming error between and

Hope that helps

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