Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Brother MFC-7360N change language

I have been trying to change the display language on my Brother MFC-7360N.

After a lot of searching about I managed to find an engineers manual for it.

The document I found was dcp7065.pdf - a Google should bring it up.

It is called :
Brother Laser MFC
Service Manual

To change the language you need to enter maintenance mode as follows :

Press Menu
Press Start (Green Button)
Press Up arrow key 4 times quickly

The display will show :

To exit this menu press 99 when you see this word in the display.

To change the language you need to type 74

You will see the currently used language code.

Type in your country code. Note that the PDF has tables with all the country codes.

For the MFC-7360N

USA : 0001
UK : 2004
ES : 2065

Press OK to save it, and then Start to restart the printer - you should see 'Parameter Init' after which you should get the display in your new language.

Note that this not only changes the display language, but changes the fax parameters.

So if you are in the wrong country e.g. you set to ES when you are in the UK, the fax may not work correctly.

The document has a plethora of information - parts, disassembly guides, error codes and lots of other settings to fiddle with.



  1. In Brother MFC-7360N which button is "ENTER" ?

    1. Sorry - should have said 'Menu' - not sure why I put Enter. Have amended the post thanks.

  2. You, my dear sir, are a life saver :p