Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Crenova support, manuals and firmware

Or lack of it....

If you are looking for support, manuals or firmware for a Crenova product, good luck.

A friend of mine bought one recently - a Crenova XPE600 projector. Not a bad little unit for the money all things considered EXCEPT.

Try finding out ANYTHING about it.

Anything... reviews galore indeed. But anything of ANY substance AT ALL ?

Having looked around a bit I am pretty convinced this is a fake brand name setup by a large company such as Amazon to supply cheap products but avoid support costs.

Here's the supposed 'Home Page'

Not a lot there on projectors.....

I then stumbled on this place

Who have a link to

Unsurprisingly that resolves back to the Korean address.

On the Korean website you have a link to ... which links back to...... get the idea?


A quick whois for this shady bunch


Seems they have a few domains for Crenova too

Registered to Cronon, a German Hosting company. Someone is hiding themselves well.

The main 'Company'

So all in all, nothing. Ahhhh, a Facebook page. Shame there is no 'These are scammers' button.

So the upshot is - avoid Crenova at all costs. If it looks like a scam, and smells like a scam, then ......


As a follow up it appears that the Crenova XPE600 is also known as a iRULU 2600 Lumens Home Cinema aka BL-20

Good luck with them too.....

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