Monday, October 8, 2012

BT Office 365 upgrade disaster

Well, today BTs planned upgrade to Office 365 started. What a complete and utter bucket of shite, both the upgrade and the software.

At about 2pm we stopped receiving any email.

After sitting like a pillock for a while, I started to have a look around and realised that lots of people seemed to be having problems.

I contacted BT on their upgrade line, but the people there are CLUELESS about what is going on, and can't do anything to help.

Apparently I should have received an email about the upgrade. Nope. I had one originally advising me that it was going to happen, but nothing subsequent to that. Apparently it would give me the new server details. Nope. More advice about that email. "BUT I DIDN'T FUCKING GET IT. GET IT ???????"

I had logged into my account a week or so back to see what was happening and there were a load of Office 365 upgrade 'problems' e.g. short passwords - that needed 'resolving'. I did that (wonder what would have happened if I hadn't ?) and all seemed well. Until today that is.

I figured that the quickest route to solving this would be to change the DNS settings and push all mail for my domain to my own server and cut BT out of the loop entirely. Except. BT, of course.

My web server is already pointed elsewhere so I should be able to do the same with my mail server. Nope. Seems that they have forgotten that they manage this domain as there is nothing in the domain control panel. Pricks. Probably disabled as they change all their DNS stuff for their mail servers which is probably where all the fuck ups are in the first place.

I phoned BT again as I now want to scream. The next advisor was as useless as the first.He could do nothing about my email, or my domain names - phone another number which had closed for the night.......

I eventually lost my temper with him. And he eventually, very kindly, cut me off. Prick. This is our livelihood, not some game.

Anyway, for those of you stupid enough to entrust your email with BT (or actually it will be with those thieving, out sourced, bastards Microsoft) your new server settings that you should have been given are as follows :

incoming POP server:
port: 995
user name:
Connection security: SSL/TLS
Authentication: Normal password

Outgoing server:
port: 587 (or, possibly 25)
Connection security: STARTTLS
Authentication: Normal password
user name: yourname

You may need to delete the old password in Tools/Options/Security/Passwords/Saved Passwords, restart TB, and enter the correct one when prompted at the next connection.

And another bit regarding possible mailbox limits. I could easily break this limit on our newsletter account.....

As I don't want Microsoft looking though all my emails, I am now going to do what I should have a long time ago which is to get the lot sent straight to my server and have a fallover/backup MX server in case it goes offline.

That is if I can ever get control of my own friggin domains.

BT I fucking HATE YOU ..........

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