Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eclipse debugging problems

Lord I could write volumes on Eclipse, and regrettably much of it would involving hurling computers out of upper storey windows and smashing my brain against a large immovable object.

It's a love hate kinda thing. I love it, when it works. But boy do I hate it when it doesn't. It throws more temper tantrums than my entire family put together. The ide(a) is great. The execution is akin to that of Mary Queen of Scots. Slightly messy, and may take several blows to entirely sever the head. Yuck. But I digress.

I have a CentOS based server (my beloved little with Zend Debugger on it. Took a while to get it right. And don't forget to change Zend versions with PHP. Oh, and the odd problem with missing libraries (see earlier posts)

Anyway, after I upgraded to Juno I seem to be plagued with problems. The mess first stemmed from not sorting out my projects properly when I upgraded. Should have committed the lot to SVN and started again. But I was between things, didn't want to commit a whole pile of stuff that probably wouldn't happen (I know, I know....branches & all that jazz) so I cheated. Damn, damn, damn.

The worst problem has been getting the debugger running properly so here are some things to watch for.

  • 1. Check your php.ini - don't guess or assume. Use php -v & php -m
  • 2. Use phpinfo - don't guess or assume. Zend Debugger info appear ????
  • 3. See here for 'incompatible version' - try changing to a different port - see this bug which should have been fixed yonks ago. Grrrrrrrr.
  • 4. Got something going on like DLTK processing ??? That can stop the whole thing. Try closing off ALL projects except the one you want (did it for me in this instance)

If all else fails, lob it out of the window and get a beer :-)

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