Monday, September 2, 2013

Proxmox 3 hpsmh segmentation fault

Oh the joys. Wheezy gets wheezy and Proxmox has the pox.

So as per my previous I decided to head down the proxmox path. One of the things I really wanted was to be able to monitor the server.

A quick search showed me that there are debs available. Great.

So I added the repo and installed (after a little messing about).

But Lo !    hpsmh fails to start with a segmentation fault. After a bit of hunting I found this :

And then this :


Looks like SNMP will work so I'll be able to run Nagios some place and pick that up. But why don't they keep abreast of Debian as well as RH ? VERY annoying.

Also whilst here, a link to various KVM management systems out there at the minute :

Like the look of OpenVirt but it needs more horse power than I can throw at it :-(  One day...... be nice to have an old box sitting there just to feed ISOs of which I have plenty.

Anyway, come on HP - get your fingers out.

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