Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chrome / Chromium remove notifier icon

Bloody Google and their leeching tentacles. Damn their arses.

I suddenly noticed on the latest update to Chromium / Chrome (I use it for certain sites only) that the bloody thing now had a notification stuck in my tray that I did not ask for and did not want.

Reminds me of Windows and system trays..... arrrrgggghhhh - I left that crap behind years ago, or so I thought.

Why will they insist on adding things without asking me ????????

I had a hunt around on how to remove the notifier and realised that it is obviously not something the Chocolate Factory wants you to remove.

But some smart people out there figured it out. It used to be a hidden switch  for 'Rich Text Notifications' but they dropped that.

So, if you want to disable the Chrome / Chromium notifier in your tray on a linux box read on.

First you need to go here : chrome://flags/  (Usual warnings on exploding computers apply)

I then disabled the following :

Enable Synced Notifications Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

And for good measure this as well :

Device Discovery Notifications Windows, Linux, Chrome OS

Restart and job done, for now.

Chrome is heading for the bin here.....

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