Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Birthing pains...... and NFS with Nautilus

God, why are we given this bloody annual runaround as some new bunch of wannabee coders fall out of university and want to try impress the world with their new found coding skills ? And the rest of us waste half our time looking for a new distro with something that approaches what we want and need.

I'm sick to the back teeth of desktop wars, and all the other bitching and back biting that seems to pre occupy too many in the Open source world. What a waste of time and talent, but more of that later.

Gnome or not to Gnome. Ubuntu didn't gno for sure so blew their brains out by backing their own Unity offering, which was obviously tested on a bunch of 3 year olds at Toys R Us. And probably their technophobe parents as well.

What they seemed to neglect to do was ask anyone who knew anything about actually using a computer sensibly.

What a piece of first class junk. Dual screen. Well, maybe later... Full screen ? What do you mean you don't want full screen apps ?  Everyone just LOVES Apps ( don't say 'Program' - the user might get worried) and full screen.

Yeah, cos the poxy Iplop only runs one at a time. Must be cool then. I mean, who ever heard of multitasking computers ? Insane, outdated and archaic idea. Suppose we'll just bin all those lovely multicore CPUs while we're at it.

Sure, Steve Jobs was a visionary. He could see how to sell shit to idiots. Just like Bill Gates did. Ever heard of 'The Emperors New Clothes' ..... ????? I reckon there's a couple of billion people wearing them right now :-)

So anyway, I decided to try the new kid on the block, currently thrashing the buttocks of Ubuntu in the Distrowatch download sweepstakes. Seems I am not alone in disliking Unity. So I grabbed a copy of Mint.

Except Mint seems to have turned Mental. Wanted to keep to a Gnome 2 sort of style.

Yes, I'll go with that - I like simple menus, things where *I* like them, and lots of control over where all the buttons & bars go. I have Tool bars top & bottom on both screens, some menus duplicated, some not, and all sorts of other things that *I* like.

So they've kludged Gnome 3 to make it Gnome 2. And then decided they didn't really like the new gnome pie, so have forked, rebaked, and sprinkled some Cinammon all over the show.

WTF is THAT all about ? How many new desktops do we need ? The best bit of all waswhen I fired the whole lot up, it kind of worked, and then after messing about with a few theme things, it fell into a dozen pieces and hasn't really worked the same again since.

Buggered if I know what the answer is  - something about don't mess too much with Gnome, MGSE, MATE and some other abbreviated nonsense cos they won't play nicely. WHAT ???

Isn't this what package managers & stuff are meant to do ????? Good coding, bit of patience, some testing ?

Oh, and I'm buggered even less if I'm going to waste my precious time on trying to fix it.

So now what ?? I really don't know. Retreat to my trusty 10.04 Lucid and wait for the idiots to get put back in the asylum.

In the meantime, I was really only going to post this link which I can never bloody find when I want it.

Want a NFS Browser extension for Nautilus ??

Do things the natural way and forget all that SAMBA / Windoze nonsense.

A few year ago I stumbled across this little extension. Very handy. The guy has developed something useful and should be praised. Unlike some other numpties I could mention....

I found it originally from this link :

It should be added as a permanent part of Nautilus IMHO

Nautilus NFS-LAN extension to allow you to share and browse NFS networks.



  1. Thanks for using it :)
    Unfortunally at the monent it doesn't work in Gnome3 and new Nautilus :(

    nfs-lan author

  2. No worries. Hope you keep it going.

    I am using Xubuntu + XFCE now and have ditched all the fancy bloatware. However, I will use Nautilus plus this extension as it works so well with my systems !

    B. Rgds

    Sorry for the late reply - been frantic and then had to figure out how to add a comment to my own blog - not as easy as it seems !