Sunday, February 12, 2012

Google+ - what a bunch of bastards

So I got invited to join Google+ by a friend today. He very kindly used my private email address, which I didn't ask him too.

What is worse is that I then get automatically subscribed to a Google+ mailing list of some description.

So they now have my confirmed home address as I *HAVE* to click a link to unsubscribe. Smart move, Google.

However, this is nothing short of disgraceful and a breach of my privacy. I never asked my friend to give away my address, and quite frankly, Google have no right to take it without MY permission, IMHO.

Trying to find a way to register your complaint with Google is nothing short of impossible, and as difficult as getting hold of those other deaf idiots, my 'friends' at Facebook.

We may all love our 'free' services, but what price customer service ??? I've already reduced my Google usage quite dramatically - if they won't give me some support, why should I give them my data for free ?

Facebook works the same way, and has had the same treatment, and before long is going to be dropped completely.

I just wonder when other users are going to wake up to the fact that these monstrosities are quite happy to data rape you, and in return you get nothing. They happily troll through you phonebooks / address books and take every last bit of information that they can.

Now, that's fine by me if you want to give away YOUR data. But hang on. When did I ever give YOU permission to give away MINE ??????

I personally think that these services should NOT be allowed to do anything for you automatically. The onus should also be on *YOU* to check that *I* am happy for my data to be given away.In my case it's easy, because I don't.

Something very wrong here, and I for one am starting to vote with my feet.

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