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The great London summer Olympics of 2012 ripoff

I shall probably get sued. By some nameless, faceless global business or committee. For libel and copyright infringements. Because I probably can't say what I'm about too say. But bollocks. It's meant to be a free world, right ? Unless someone happens to own the entire english language (thinks - could I copyright or patent it ????)

I don't give a stuff, and it's about time someone stood up and told some of the truth about 'The thing that is happening somewhere in Europe sometime during the warmer part of the year". What a load of bollocks. Its the London Olympics in the summer of 2012. There. I said it. Sue me.

Seb Coe, you were one of my great sporting Olympic (oops, said that word again) heroes, but your dream is a load of tosh.

I'm fed up to the back teeth with the global corporatism. The conniving, backstabbing, thieving, bribe taking bastards who have turned what was a moderately honest event in to something that makes my stomach turn. It's bad enough watching things now and wondering who has the best drugs this year. Oh, and FIFA, you lot are just as bad.

I don't think anyone who has watched it in recent memory can honestly say, hand on heart, that for a good many of the disciplines, they are ever really sure who the real winners are.

And I reckon we know only a fraction of what really goes on. So we rename it the "Drug Fuelled Summer Fun Spectacular" Whatever.

But the bit that has ticked me off the most is the outright corporate conniving. I'd mention some of the usual big names who effectively 'own' the system, but I don't want to give them the publicity. They are too fat and rich already.

As some may or may not know, we run a small promotional merchandising business.(that'll have the lawyers slavering at the bit. Another bunch of fat, lazy, over paid, sleazy bastards who do little more than chase ambulances and profit from others misfortune. Wonder why insurance costs so much ? Cos the legal costs of claims are so high......... forget Compare the Donkey dot net, just sack the bloody lawyers).

For a while now we have had people asking us about having something with their name on it to celebrate the Olympics. And we unfortunately have to point them here :

Brand Identity

or here :

Marketing Rights PDF

In a nutshell it says that if you want to use any of the words, logos, or designs in pretty well any shape or form, you can't. Even this article probably contravenes the Acts.

Now, I understand only too well about brands, images, copyright and so forth. It's our business and we have been advising people on what they can and cannot do for 40 odd years. I have no problems with protecting their brand image. But there has to be a better way than just stitching the whole lot up for a privileged few. I have to say that Queeny has done a good job with her anniversary. They have a logo. It's free to download and use, as long as you don't modify the design. Cool.

I don't even have too much problem with protecting the overall Olympic name/brand.  But London ? 2012 ? Come on. It's OUR bloody country.

The bit that really pisses me off is this :

"One of the major benefits of staging the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012 will
be a significant boost to the UK economy. London 2012 will generate thousands of
opportunities for businesses throughout the country. For example, the Olympic
Delivery Authority (the “ODA”) has already let and will continue to let contracts in
relation to the development of the Olympic Park, and many of those will create
multiple opportunities through the supply chain. Similarly, the influx of visitors
attracted by the Games will give the tourism and services industries a huge boost, at
all levels, before, during and after 2012."

Who was the idiot marketing and branding company that wrote this pile of stomach curdling bollocks ?

Will "generate thousands of opportunities for businesses" ???? Sorry, that should read thousands of opportunities for the chosen few. And most probably aren't even British.

Oh yes, it will boost the UK economy. In some areas. And usually those areas that are tied up by some global corporate mechanism who no more care about the UK or it's people than they do anywhere else. All they care about are their shareholders, and their profits. Nothing else matters. But you can't say 'stay in my B & B to watch the Olympics in 2012'. Oh no. That's out.

And then how much of the cash will be LEAVING the UK ? A lot I should imagine. Whisked away into tax free havens. The UK government won't get a sniff.

What about companies like us ? The SMEs that governments always love to tell the world that they are supporting them as they are the life blood of the country (or whatever the favourite buzzword is) when in reality they don't give a stuff. Especially when the the banks and other big corporates have lots of good tickets and the PM and MPs nuts in their hands. (I won't even MENTION the pathetic excuse for a ticketing system. What idiot dreamt that system up then ????? The Corporate Hospitality department ???)

We can't afford to tender (don't mention tenders to me....) against some chinese factory or multi million pound distributor working on 1 or 2 percent margins (or possibly even less). Saying that, I do wonder where some of the cash goes when I know how much they bought that mug for in China, and how much it is sold for to the man on the street - SOMEONE is making a FORTUNE. And quite honestly I don't WANT to be beaten up for every cent knowing that the next person up the line is making 1000% (don't talk to me about football clubs.....)

The whole system is geared towards the big boys. Back slapping, golf playing, piss in each others left pockets, bastards.

And what about the school that would like to do 250 mugs with a Queens Jubilee logo on one side and a mention of the Olympics on the other to celebrate a unique year in British history? No chance. And the sad fact is that rather than place an order, they won't bother. So WE lose business. Have already LOST a lot. So, all you arse licking MPs and 'business leaders',  don't patronise me and tell me it will be a great year for business. Not for us it won't.

We aren't celebrating the Olympics here. This is not an event for a nation. It's a corporate marketing scam with the IOCC and the big players all in bed together. An opportunity for a few to make a fortune. At the expense of the many who could really do with the business. I remember similar things said by local people at the last World cup in South Africa.

So wondered what you can and can't say ?? Read on..... and remember, this was passed into law. Particularly surprising is the fact the that the Olympic Symbol Act was passed in 1995 ! How did the IOCC get that through so long ago ?

Olympic Symbol etc (Protection) Act 1995 (as amended)
Controlled symbols, words, and phrases :

The Olympic Symbol (ie the five interlocking rings)
The Olympic Motto
(‘Citius Altius Fortius' / ‘Faster Higher Stronger’)
the words:
(or anything similar to them, or translations of them)
The Paralympic Symbol (ie the three “agitos”)
The Paralympic Motto
(Spirit in Motion)
the words:
(or anything similar to them, or translations of them)

So be careful if you advertise your house being close to the Olympic Stadium. Trading 'on the back of' is out for starters !

London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games 2006 Act.

Is the representation used in a manner likely to suggest to the
public that there is an association between the London Olympics and
a person, goods or services?
A. ‘Games’; ‘Two Thousand and Twelve’; ‘2012’; ‘twenty twelve';
B. ‘Gold’;  ‘Silver’;  ‘Bronze’;  ‘London’;  ‘medals’; ‘sponsors’;  ‘summer’

Tag on to that other other words or images that could form an association with the even such as :

An Olympic-style torch/flame
Use of the five colours of the Olympic symbol
Use of designs which reproduce or closely resemble the official designs of the
2012 Games
Images of venues to be used for, and closely associated with, the 2012 Games
such as the Olympic Stadium or Aquatics Centre in Olympic Park
The depiction of Olympic and/or Paralympic sports
(especially when a number of sports are represented – but see also point 4.1 below re the use of Olympians in adverts)
Words which capture the essence of the 2012 Games and/or qualities associated with Olympism,
(eg: “Spirit”; “Endeavour”; “Friendship”; “Winning”; “Determination”)

Haha - they missed the words Drugs !!! 

“XXX” or “30th”
(the 2012 Games will be the Games of the XXX Olympiad)


My advise in all this quagmire of corporate protectionism, monopolistic practices and racketeering ? Leave the country, or gag yourself before you get nicked.

Hmmmm. I was Determined to Endeavour to get to London during the summer of 2012 to see one of the Events, watch someone Winning, see the presentation of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals,  and to feel the Spirit of Friendship at the XXX Olympic Games.

  O O

But quite frankly, fuck it. I'm not going to bother.

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