Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Linux standard UIDs and GIDs

Well, Linux is usually my best friend, but not today.

It usually sets standards, but in one respect it is seriously lacking.

Standard UIDs & GIDs.

I am trying to network with my server via NFS. All well and good. Except the file names & permissions are all over the show because the UIDs and GIDs are different.

So my server knows me as john:5001 but my desktop made me john:1001

Ok, so a bit of messing around could sort that a bit. But then I still have a problem with groups etc.

Why is apache "apache:x:102" on one box whilst it is "messagebus:x:102" on another ?

So any files that are say apache:shared on the server show as messagebus:shared on my desktop.

This is ridiculous and should be sorted the same way that TCP/IP services are with ports.

Everyone use the same UID/GID for the same service.  Can't be that difficult can it ?

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