Friday, February 28, 2014

Koozali SME Server v8.1

I'm proud to announce that the team have finally release v8.1

For full release details please read this :

There has been a HUGE amount of work by a small and dedicated group to get this out. It signals the fact that Koozali SME Server is alive and kicking.

We have started to see some old faces that haven't been around for years, along with new faces, and there is a definite feeling things are on the 'up'.

Next is v9. Don't ask for too much, too soon. This will effectively be v8.1 on CentOS 6.x to give you a more up to date platform to work on.

If you want to see new things in Koozali SME we will be looking at them for 'v9.x'

If you want to see all this happen we need YOU to be involved, be that writing code, debugging it, verifying it, writing documents, wiki management, or contributing to discussions on the future. Don't say that there is nothign you can do - we can find a job for every one !!!!

Or help us by simply making a donation.

You can do that directly here :

or via the forums. If you use the forums you can get your badge of honour too :-)

Whatever you do, do SOMETHING. The people who worked on this need your suppport, especially if you want to see more in the future.

Remember that Koozali SME Server may be free to download and use, but it is NOT free to produce. We need help with the costs, so if it has been of benefit to you, please give generously.

B. Rgds
John Crisp

President - Koozali SME Server

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