Thursday, July 31, 2014

More Thunderbird 31 errors

Well, if that wasn't enough in my last post..... bloody developers and their fancy ideas. Why break what works reasonably well ? Why not fix the bugs there are instead of trying to be clever for no reason at all and just introduce more bugs ?

There are a number of serious problems with Thunderbird 31.

We have experienced hangs on address autocomplete, addresses not correctly recognised and left red, and various other issues.

All in all it is not a well tested release IMHO.

This one was really good "Email sent to wrong recipients" :

Not exactly what you want :-)

Fortunately for those of us who are seriously pissed off with Thunderbird 31 we can go back to Thunderbird 24, even though Mozilla don't want you too and have removed all the normal links.

Someone kindly posted a link in a bug :

So do yourself a favour, vote with your feet, and go backwards. And get some bloody work done instead of messing about with bugs.

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